Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog Entry 3 - Productions Notes

This video project was not as I expected it to be. It was a solo project, something that you don't usually see in the media field. I like shooting and editing videos but in all honesty I did not enjoy this project too much. Although I had a very interesting subject I didn't feel as passionate about it as I wish I could had. Shooting was very short and unorganized. That was mostly my fault. We had one class to go out into the field and shoot our subjects. Working in a group of three was a little challenging and time constraining. Editing was not too difficult. A lot of self-teaching was needed to get the final cut basics down. If given another chance I would put more time into shooting as well as editing. Shooting would be a bit more difficult to do because of conflicting schedules. I am fortunate enough to have final cut at home. Unfortunately I didn't learn as much as I hoped, except that fact that it takes a lot more time than I thought. I'm happy with the audio part and the great original content I got. This project defiantly gave me a better sense of filmmaking. As for my ‘movie’ I think it could use some better transitions and some more original footage but other than that I’m satisfied. 

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